Top 5 Corsets for Burlesque and Performance

Top 5 Corsets for Burlesque and Performance

Discover more about the use of corsets in burlesque and performance, as well as our top 5 corsets for burlesque to provide a beautiful waist reduction and allow a full range of movement...

For as far back as we can remember, corsets have been used in performance and burlesque. Wearing a corset on stage adds to the theatrical elements and creates an allure around the performer. When dressed in a corset, there’s no doubt over who is the star of the show.

Traditional burlesque costumes involve a steel-boned corset and accessories typically including long satin gloves, a fascinator and veil and nude stockings. Of course today any kind of dress and costume is more flexible and can be interpreted in their own way by the performer, but there’s one item that performance wear always includes - the corset.

Corsets in Burlesque

Burlesque actually started as a comedy act for those that couldn’t afford to attend operas or the theatre. The name means ‘to imitate’ and was intended to be a humorous act imitating well known plays and similar. Burlesque began in the UK and America in the early 19th century and played an important role in challenging gender roles and social politics.

At the time, women generally hid their physical appearance using underskirts and layers of material, making burlesque costume quite the talking point. From early on the costume included corsets, which at the time were only worn as an undergarment. The corset enhanced the hourglass figure and curves of the wearer, and soon became an iconic piece in burlesque.

Top Corsets for Burlesque and Performance

1. Steampunk Black and Burgundy Longline Underbust Corset with Side Tabs

This striking underbust corset is perfect for the stage. Taking inspiration from Victorian uniforms, the Steampunk Black and Burgundy Longline Underbust Corset with Side Tabs is inspired by the very era that burlesque began. Offering a 3-4 inch waist reduction, you can achieve the hourglass figure that’s iconic of performance.

The design features black front panels and tabs with rivets, to emphasize the cinched in waist. The longline fit is idea for those with a longer torso or for anyone looking for an underbust that can sit comfortably directly under the bustline - perfect for wearing with a pretty bra for performance.

2. Red Steampunk Corset with Chains

An overbust corset is a great option for burlesque as you can wear this style alone without the addition of a bra. The Red Steampunk Corset with Chains is eye catching and unique, ideal for performance.

In a red brocade pattern with black detail, the corset is finished with chains and studs for added drama. The fastening down the front features brass buckles, perfect for undoing slowly as part of your act. This corset offers a 3-4 inch waist reduction for those super desirable hourglass proportions.

3. Lingerie Black Mesh Overbust

Sultry and sensual, the Lingerie Black Mesh Overbust Corset is a unique and bold option for burlesque. Featuring satin ribbon detailing to create an amorous and flattering heart shape over the bust, the sheer paneling provides a glimpse of your soft skin underneath and draws the attention to your cinched in waist.

This corset will provide a 3-4 inch waist reduction and comes complete with suspender loops - ideal for creating a full burlesque look. The adjustable hip buckle fastenings add extra detail and gives the illusion of the corset being able to be removed with just a single flick of the buckles - although of course this is not the case.

4. Green Gothic Corset with Shoulder Straps

This stunning gothic style is ideal for those with a bigger bust that need a little extra support during performance. The Green Gothic Corset with Shoulder Straps is packed full of detail too, with green contrast stitching over black satin panels, complete brass effect hardware and single chain.

The vibrant green shade is balanced with the dark and alluring black satin, while the elasticated shoulder straps offer full range of movement and added support. This corset offers a 3-4 inch waist reduction and is fully adjustable so that you can find your perfect fit for performance.

5. Historically Inspired 1900-1950 Lilac Cotton Overbust Corset

Choose something a little different for burlesque than the traditional dark shades and satin materials, with the Historically Inspired 1900-1950 Lilac Cotton Overbust Corset. Inspired by the time period during which burlesque first began, this pretty corset is ideal for creating a more innocent persona.

In a pretty lilac shade, the stitching follows the curves of the body to enhance and flatter. The ruffled lace edge in black adds drama and depth, while the metal fastenings at the front and lace-up back keeps this style traditional. Achieve up to a 4 inch waist reduction for the perfect hourglass figure for burlesque.

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