Top 5 myths about corsets

Top 5 myths about corsets

Corsets have been a controversial topic throughout history, and whilst we believe that everybody is entitled to their own opinion, myths about corsetry are widespread and can often be very intimidating when trying to decide if corsets are right for you.

Because of this, we’ve decided to talk through and debunk some of the top myths in the world of corsetry!

1) Corsets are uncomfortable

An ill-fitting or badly made corset will be! But in reality, corsets are fully adjustable and allow you to loosen and tighten them to your requirements in order to find your perfect fit. And with our vast range of styles, we have all of the options you need for style or fun, including shirts, dresses and jackets! On top of this, all of our corsets are made with comfortable, modern fabrics (unlike the fabrics used in the 16th century!), now with flexible steel boning.

2) Corsets are bad for your health

If you misuse corsets by, for example, wearing them very tightly, then they can be bad for your health. However, we at Corset Story do not advocate this, and ensure that our customers are fully informed in selecting corset sizes which will help to create a comfortable and achievable waist reduction, usually of around 2”.

3) Corsets are anti-feminist

Feminists fought for women to have equal rights to men. They fought so that women could have the choice to agree or disagree on all topics, including whether or not to wear a corset. Here at Corset Story, we strongly believe in educating our customers before they make decisions about our products, and would never want to pressure our customers into making a choice that wasn’t perfect for them.

4) Corsets are best left in history

Undeniably, corsets have received some bad reputation throughout history, and we understand that some of that is justified. But corsets remain a symbol of femininity and have been a significant part of women’s fashion history for over 5000 years, and there is still a huge demand for corsetry even in the 21st century. Our goal at Corset Story is to evolve the garment so that it fits easily into modern life; through design and development we will keep all of the beneficial aspects of corset design and phase out any undesirable aspects.

5) No-one wears corsets anymore

Corsets are truly one of the most versatile garments in history! They are used by performers and theatres, brides, for costume parties, as shapewear and so much more. We sell to all ages and have a worldwide customer base who love our designs for underwear, outerwear, costume and shapewear.

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