‘Waist-up’ dressing: your guide to looking fabulous on video calls

‘Waist-up’ dressing: your guide to looking fabulous on video calls

Whether it’s your Saturday night Zoom quiz or important mid-week meetings with your colleagues, virtually all of us have been relying on video conferencing apps more than ever to keep our worlds turning. And with no rushed returns to normality, it certainly looks as if the video call is here to stay for the foreseeable.

This could come as bad news for those who are suffering from ‘video call fatigue’, a term coined to describe the tiring effects we may feel after lengthy periods of smiling at our webcam and trying desperately to interpret the WiFi-lagged speech of our co-workers. But with designers at both Milan and London Fashion Week embracing technological shifts and opting for a ‘waist-up’ focus in their most recent designs, it is obvious that there is more fun to be had here – without even changing out of your PJ bottoms.

The ‘waist-up’ fashion focus is ideal for easily injecting some fun into any calls you may have planned, and can be perfectly executed with show-stopping designs, eye-catching colours and statement sleeves. If you need some ‘waist-up’ inspo, look no further! We’ve put together some of our favourite pieces, guaranteed to help you create a host of memorable looks in the comfort of your own home:


For work: sleek and sophisticated 

Despite the fact that sitting in our own homes can feel very informal, it is often necessary to keep up appearances when speaking to those in our professional sphere by making an extra effort for any important scheduled calls. Our corset shirts mean business and will help to maintain your professional mindset all day long, no matter where you’re working from.


For play: bold, bright and elegant necklines

Birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers… you name it, the past year has seen a virtual do for almost every occasion. Whilst spending hours on hair, makeup and choosing an outfit may seem slightly excessive, there are definitely easier ways to spice up your online looks with a few wardrobe additions that are guaranteed to make an impact. Think fun prints, sweeping necklines and bold colours – our huge range of styles means there’s truly a corset for all occasions!

This short guide offers only a small look into the range of fabulous designs we offer, so be sure to check out our full range of corsets (including corset jackets and dresses!) for even more style inspiration. If you need any assistance, please feel free to message us at sales@corset-story.com 💕