Bra Alternative

Big breasts are seen as a very attractive and desirable asset, and while there are many benefits to having a voluptuous chest, ladies who are blessed with a larger bust often face numerous problems due to the weight and size of their bosom.

The weight of large breasts can cause numerous health problems including, chronic pain conditions. Women can suffer from issues including crippling back, neck and arm pain, headaches, friction rash, cysts in skin folds and even curvature of the spine. It can also be incredibly challenging to find clothes that fit both your body and boobs! The effects of having large breasts cannot be underestimated.

When it comes to bras, good support is hard to find when you have big boobs. Especially in a stylish and comfortable design. When you have bigger boobs bras are typically uncomfortable, rigid, and cut into your under-boob area. Plus, bra’s larger than a D cup tend to be drab, ugly and colourless. It’s a severe problem and one that causes larger busted ladies a lot of physical and emotional pain. With many opting for breast reduction surgery if they can’t find a bra alternative that ticks all the boxes.

An overbust corset is a fantastic bra alternative for larger chested ladies. Overbust corsets offer a tremendous amount of breast and back support. And since they cover you from under the arms and right down to your hips, they give you a beautiful streamlined shape. Another major plus is that overbust corsets come in an array of exquisite styles and necklines to suit your entire wardrobe. Overbust corsets can have a sweetheart neckline, can be cut straight across, and they can also have straps or none at all and still provide the support you need. All ladies with a large breast know that finding a strapless bra that offers the support you need is nigh on impossible! An overbust corset really can give larger busted ladies the support, freedom and confidence that regular bras very rarely give.

At Corset Story, we see a lot of larger busted ladies who are looking for effective bra alternatives. Within our range of handcrafted corsets, we have a large selection of waist training overbust corsets that have been designed specifically for ladies with larger cup sizes.

Our waist training overbust corsets, provide the support you need while nipping you in at the waist creating and enhancing your natural curves - offering a waist reduction of up to five inches depending on the style you choose. Our overbust corsets have been designed to be worn as outerwear or underwear. Meaning they can be worn discreetly under your clothes by day and as an excellent alternative to a regular top for a night out. Overbust corsets are a fantastic bra alternative that will provide you with the stylish, support your girls need. What a relief!