The secret to looking great on your wedding day is a Bridal Corset.

What you wear under your wedding dress is a crucial part of your wedding day attire. Your bridal lingerie and shapewear will not only ensure you feel sensational but will also affect the way your dress looks. As soon as you have chosen your dress, the next step is to choose your underwear. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a visible panty line or bra strap showing, so find the dress of your dreams first and then find the perfect underwear to go underneath it.

Shapewear is essential in order to create a smooth silhouette - the shapewear of choice for many brides is a bridal corset. An increasing number of women are rediscovering the beauty and sculpting ability of the corset. Created specifically to help to support the bust, reduce the size of the waist and create a beautiful hourglass silhouette. Wedding corsets have been specifically designed to help brides look and feel their best on their big day.

The challenge with bridal underwear and corsetry is choosing pieces that provide support while being discrete. When selecting your underwear, the best place to start is your wedding corset. There is a wide range of corset styles available so it’s essential to know which style of corset will best suit your figure and dress before you move on to choosing the rest of your underwear. For example, many brides will require an underbust corset as the back of many wedding dresses is quite low. When wearing an underbust corset, a bra is necessary. Whereas as overbust corset supports the bust, meaning no bra is required.

It’s also important to consider if you want a longline corset or a more traditional style which sits on the hips. A longline wedding corset will provide maximum support. Longline corsets extend slightly over the hips to create a smooth, controlled line from bust to hip. And are great for hiding the little muffin top that pops out of shorter corsets. When paired with some high waist control shorts, a beautiful, smooth hourglass figure is created, providing the perfect base for your wedding dress.

When choosing the perfect wedding lingerie and shapewear, there is a lot to consider. To avoid any unneeded faux pas and ensure you select the ideal wedding corset for your figure and dress, it’s wise to speak to the experts. At Corset Story, we have developed a range of beautiful corsets, especially for brides. Our years of experience dressing brides to be, combined with our passion for corsetry has enabled us to create a collection of beautiful bridal corsets that sit discretely underneath your dress while providing exceptional support.

We are passionate about corsetry and passionate about making you feel beautifully supported on your big day.