Lingerie Corset

There’s a different type of corset to suit every type of corset-wearer out there. Now that women all over the world have realised how functionally beautiful corsets can be for just about any fashion occasion (from harnessing the power of that killer silhouette, to more secretive adventures behind closed doors!), the modern corset takes on many forms. It’s just up to you to decide which one you’d like the most!

As beautiful bedroom lingerie never goes out of style, this post is dedicated to Corset Story’s delectable corset underwear and lingerie corset ranges. But first, a quick overview of what lingerie corset delights await to help you make the very best choice…

We’ll start with the alluring underbust, which sits snugly under your chest and are typically worn to reduce the size of the waist. Underbusts are wonderfully versatile, and in recent years have moved from being exclusively worn under clothing to becoming a fashion statement in themselves! We recommend pairing an underbust corset with a supportive bra, and with our Shop the Look function, finding the perfect matching set is just a click away.

Alternatively, the elder cousin of the underbust is the classical overbust. These cover (and lift) the bust area and sit above the hips, all the while ensuring you still have a beautifully cinched waistline. In the past, overbusts were only considered underwear. But with so many designs to choose from, many of which are designed to be shown off, they make for perfect outerwear too.

Now you have an idea of the shape of our most popular corsets, let’s delve deeper into our stunning designs...

You’re guaranteed to fall head over heels with our lingerie corset range. These corsets have been specially designed with glamorous, lightweight mesh and lace, combined with rich satins to create a luxury and undeniably irresistible feminine lingerie piece. A good corset is a companion piece for life, which is why we care deeply about offering you only the very best.

For the traditionally alluring, Corset Story have everything from dazzling white, to eye-catching blue, to timeless black. Several of our designs are adorned with intricate coloured sequins, creating delicate floral motifs that sparkle and catch the light when you move. Our corsets are finished with either satin ribbon or cord lacing, making the back just as stunning as the front. What’s more, many of our lingerie corsets boast a waist reduction of up to four inches, so achieving that enviable feminine silhouette has never been easier.

Our corsets and collections are also specially selected, so that with each corset comes the perfect matching pieces of corset underwear: bras, knickers, hold-ups - all from world-leading brands.

We even have corsets that look like they’ve been plucked straight out of a Renaissance painting. Imagine duck egg blues adorned with Chantilly lace, whipped up into a beautiful corset. Or think rose pink, with gold satin ribbons and cherry blossom beading… there’s no end to how gorgeous a lingerie corset can be!