One of the truly magical things about the world of corsets is their ability to transform the wearer’s body: lacing up a corset can give the wearer an instant boost of confidence. This can be a for a number of reasons, from immediate figure enhancement, to seeing and feeling the effects of waist reduction, to revamping your whole body. In this post, we’ll be exploring the benefits of using corsets as part of crossdressing, the drag queen community, and psychological and physical support for transgender women.

Corset Story happily provides for our customers looking for lingerie crossdressing options in a range of accessible styles. Our typical crossdressing customer tends to be over 5ft 7” and seeking a corset that will help them to create a more feminine-looking waist and hip curve. We urge our customers not to be discouraged by overbust corsets, which are designed to accommodate women’s chests. This is why we suggest underbust corsets, which are much easier to size for crossdressing customers as the bust fitment is eliminated, focusing entirely on helping you achieve that curved waist. However, for those who are interested in trying overbust corsets, we recommend padding to help fill out the bust and really bring out the most of the design.

In particular, our longline underbust corsets accentuate the waist and work fantastically for longer torsos. There is really no other feminising garment quite like the corset, which is why we ensure our corsets are available for all sizes: we provide corsets up to a 40-inch waist, as we understand one of the primary fitting issues with those who are assigned male at birth is that a standard-fit corset is too tight or small on the ribcage, causing discomfort.

Our corsets can work perfectly for a range of purposes. They can give the wearer a temporary instantaneous waistline, or can be worn over a longer period of time to train your waist for more permanent results. Drag queens and performers will enjoy the improved posture and stunning shape that corsets offer, as well as the versatility of our corsets, which can be worn underneath clothing or as outerwear.

Corset Story’s corsets are the real deal, and we only use steel boning, strong lacing, and steel busks to ensure the highest quality appearance. You may have come across ‘fashion’ corsets, or stretchy shapewear that promises to nip your waist, but these do almost nothing for your shape. The power of the corset is in the rigid and strong steel boning, which is what really brings the waist in to create the feminine silhouette. For those interested in lingerie crossdressing, drag queens, or transgender women looking to enhance their figure, there is really no substitute for an authentic, traditional corset.

You’re sure to be dazzled by our stunning corsets, which sit at the intersection of comfort, function and elegance. Our corsets feel as good as they look, and we welcome customers of all shapes and sizes to embrace the wonderful world of corsets.